A new branch to add to our brand – Production

When we first started out it was so difficult to find small run productions of 10 or even 20 and if we ever found a production company that would do small runs, the costs involved would be so ridiculous it would mean we would have to retail our current pieces at 2-3x as much as they currently retail at. It took us a while but we solved our problem and we are now offering small run production for other small brands, students, hobbyists and generally anyone who has always wanted to produce some jewellery. We will run full production from simple brass finished items to enamelling to precious stones. We are currently working on a guide with prices so if you are interested in our new production service please email us at production@jewelheritage.com – all details will be available online at the end of April.

We are so excited to be able to offer production as part of the Jewel Heritage brand!

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