Our ethos is simple - we design jewellery for the individual. Each of our pieces are steeped in mythology, meaning, symbology and heritage.  

The development of our jewellery is organic and traditional. We collate ideas, develop a theme and hand draw each piece with meticulous detail. The drawing is then hand carved by skilled artisans, resulting in beautiful pieces finished in various metals and semi-precious stones. Each piece of jewellery is produced in limited numbers with a made to order option. 

Featured products

Four Skulls Ring (Purple Amethyst)

The four skulls surrounding a semi-precious stone symbolise the sacredness found within: strength, wisdom, divinity and compassion. Each ring is finished in 18k gold plating.

Love Thyself Stud Earrings

"Love Thyself, for it is only through self-love that we are able to love others."


Medusa is portrayed as both a serpent haired vicious monster and a fair haired maiden cursed by a jealous lover on each side of this pendant.

Sapphire Bar Ring

We have tried to set the bar with our latest offering. Our sapphire bar ring features 10 2.5 mm square cut sapphires flush set. The ring measures a total of 2.5 cm in length. The ring has been designed to cover two fingers. Sterling silver base metal. Our sapphires are all natural and will vary slightly in height, therefore will sit at the same level. We personally think this adds to the charm!

Cover me quick!

Green pearlescent enamel finish with a textured bark band.