A new branch to add to our brand – Production

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When we first started out it was so difficult to find small run productions of 10 or even 20 and if we ever found a production company that would do small runs, the costs involved would be so ridiculous it would mean we would have to retail our current pieces at 2-3x as much as they currently retail at. It took us a while but we solved our problem and we are now offering small run production for other small brands, students, hobbyists and generally anyone who has always wanted to produce some jewellery. We will run full production from simple brass finished items to enamelling to precious stones. We are currently working on a guide with prices so if you are interested in our new production service please email us at production@jewelheritage.com – all details will be available online at the end of April.

We are so excited to be able to offer production as part of the Jewel Heritage brand!

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New York We Are Coming For You! One day sale at Artists and Fleas, Brooklyn

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That’s right, we are heading across the Atlantic for plenty of fun and a bit of ‘business’, oh what the heck, we mean more FUN! For just ONE day only Jewel Heritage will be selling our jewellery at Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn on Saturday 29th December from 10am till 7pm!  We will have special ONE OFF prices and anyone who is signed upto our newsletter and shows us the below flyer will receive a further 10% off!



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Meet The Public Image – our latest international stocklist

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A few months ago we revealed the first of our international stocklists, the lovely Quintessential based in Singapore, now I can reveal our second international stocklist is THE PUBLIC IMAGE based in Belgium. We caught up with the delightful Nele who is one half of The Public Image

1) Please introduce yourself and your store to our readers.

We are Jacks Of All Trades, autodidacts to the bone. My background is social work and my fiance’s is theater and production, we rolled into this together, screwed up a couple of times together and made this work together.
Our strength I think is that we are eachothers opposites and we both have the abillity to recognize and correct our mistakes when needed.
We try to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and don’t take ourselves too seriously, which also keeps us rational and somewhat balanced.
Besides that, our shop is made with a current mind; our energy is green, we only use energy-saving lights, our bags are made of paper instead of plastic and most of the material used for the interior was upcycled.
It’s important for us to not be naive about the period we live in today and we try to reflect this on our business.

2) What is the concept/driving force behind The Public Image?

Essentially, The Public Image started as a T-shirt shop with a T-shirt printing business linked to it. Unfortunately the printshop had to be closed, leaving us with a shop without a concept. This basically became our turning point, we chose to keep the shop but had to take it to a new level.
After 8 extra months of research, fashion weeks and showrooms we found the brands we are selling today and could not be happier.
We are an independent concept store, thriving maximum originality and with a contemporary eye for emerging designers. We have exclusivity for almost all our brands and never stop looking for what’s next.

3) What do you look for in brands? What is the deciding factor when choosing a brand to stock in your store?

Most important aspects of brands for us are quality and originality. Brands do not have to be “big” in order for us to chose them, we even prefer smaller and unknown brands as they guarantee us we got something unique. Another plus of smaller brands is their motivation and enthusiasm, communication is mostly more personal and therefore very nice to work with! Smaller brands mostly make everything local, guaranteeing us honest work for honest pay and it’s got a very small eco footprint since they don’t ship everything back and forth across the world! We like to try out new brands, styles and trends without losing our identity. Although we are a more “edgy” store, our goal is to find something for most people, so within our style we try to be as diverse as possible. This includes styles and prices! We have very affordable collections but also more limited and/or conceptual brands in a higher price range.

4) What is on the agenda for The Public Image for the rest of 2012?

There will be an all girl blog night this month, it will be our first as well! We’ve got a contest coming up in co-operation with Belmodo, we also have a lot of plans for more events and parties and we are planning on visiting London Fashion Week in September.

I think you will all agree the store looks amazing. You can visit The Public Image at Wijngaardstraat 16, Antwerp, BE. their facebook link is here The Public Image

A special Facebook auction for charity

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We have a super special oxidised silver (we left it in a sulphur mixture for 3 days and has a heavily textured feel to it) ring in a US7 to auction off on our Facebook fan page. The auction will go live on Sunday 5th August and will last till Wednesday 8th August. In order to ‘bid’ on the ring, all you have to do comment on the picture of the price you are willing to pay for the ring. All monies raised will go to our chosen charity www.rawa.org as will all sales from our website for the month of August. Good luck everyone !

New exciting stocklist (1 of 2) to announce. Welcome QUINTESSENTIAL based in Singapore

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We had a lovely email a few weeks back from the ladies at QUINTESSENTIAL based in Singapore, asking to stock Jewel Heritage, and of course we obliged! Sitting alongside brands like House of Harlow and Kenneth Jay Lane, I’d say we were in good company. Below is a little blurb on Quintessential



Quintessential is a handbag and accessory store that is well known for always being on-trend in its selection of merchandise and labels. Over the last 7 years we are known for introducing new labels into the market often before these labels become internationally well known. It is the only accessory store in Singapore that is regularly featured in over 12 magazines monthly and enjoys daily deliveries of new labels.

If you ever find yourself in Singapore, please do pop along to our latest stocklist!

Another announcement coming very soon!

Image courtesy of AltitudePromotions.com

Sex and Death: An exhibition

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We were recently contacted by the lovely ladies behind Guts for Garters to exhibit our work in their latest exhibition entitled Sex & Death and we were more than happy to oblige.

The exhibition is a celebration of British designers who are heavily influence by the themes of Sex and Death (in our case Death), as well as showcasing our very own pieces, including the infamous Harbinger of Death pieces, there were many other amazing talents on show. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to make notes but I managed to take some pictures.


Pop along to 20 Earlham Street, Covent Garden to have a butchers, more info can be found here: http://www.gutsforgarters.com/themes.php?e=1337097600

If you do pop along, we would love to hear your thoughts on it as a whole!



Sex and Death

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We were approached by the wonderful minds behind Guts for Garters a few weeks back, to be a part of their upcoming exhibition (in collaboration with Fox & Squirrel) entitled Sex and Death. The exhibition is a celebration of British Art & Design that explores the themes of Sex and Death. Of course the Harbinger of Death will be rearing its head and claws.


The list of fellow designers showcasing their work alongside Jewel Heritage is stunning and we are so pleased to be a part of it.

The exhibition runs from the 15th May for approximately a month, at 20 Earlham Street, Covent Garden. Once we attend the private view, I will do a more in-depth blog along with some beautiful pictures!

Story behind the new collection

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I’ve decided to give an insight behind the latest collection, ‘Don’t bite the Apple Eve’. The title itself is from a lyric by none other than Jay Z, in a verse where he (after he says don’t bite the apple Eve) describes the, almost decline of women in society and in a way, blames Eve for their fall from grace. The lyric and imagery must have sub-consciously collided and thus the new collection title was born. This was after I decided that I would go down this quite sensitive route of almost ‘religious’ imagery.

Temptation in Eden Lucas Cranach's Adam and Eve

We all know the story and the strong symbology of the snake, the tree, the leaf, the forbidden fruit. It was just too good of an opportunity for us not to take to interpret this story into wonderful wearable art. One thing we did decide for this collection was to show people we can do small and dainty but still keep our signature Jewel Heritage style. The stacking ring was a perfect way to showcase this and to tell the story of Adam and Eve. We deliberately chose a non-traditional leaf, when it came to designing the ‘Cover me quick’ ring. Several reasons spring to mind but the main one was the fig leaf is not a very attractive leaf and the forbidden tree suggests that it maybe a fig tree which according to most scholars in religion, is a tree that bears fruit not on Earth.

Garden of Eden stacking ring

We don’t want to go too deep with this collection, we just wanted to see if we could achieve something beautiful using a rich tale full of beautiful imagery. What do you guys think?

New collection delay, JewelEast and Samples mayhem

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Let me start off by saying, we need to blog more! We miss the interaction with you all. It has been a super busy past few months with plenty of up’s and downs so thank you for your continued support.

As you may know already we have been working very hard on the new collection entitled ‘Don’t Bite the Apple Eve’, with local artisans based in the infamous Jewellery Quarter. We have ventured into sterling silver bases, precious stones and vemeil finishes, which is something we are extremely proud of. As announced earlier on in the year we promised the collection would be ready for a launch in December, this has now been delayed. We designed the second half of the collection and we were not happy with it, so we have had to go back to the drawing board. In order for the collection to have the launch it deserves we decided to hold off on the release until January 2012, along with any sneak peek pictures of the pieces we have already produced. So we have decided that until stock lasts, every order placed in December, will receive a free pendant!

We are also participating in JewelEast again this year, dates are from the 9th, 10th and 11th of December, in association with London Jewellery Week. Will we have special prices? YES Will there be samples at sample prices? QUI Will there be special editions exclusive to JewelEast? HELL YES! Pop along for some Christmas shopping. We will also be showcasing some of the new collection.

Finally, if you find yourself in Brick Lane this weekend, head over to the Truman Brewery’s Pop Up Vintage Markets for a mini-sample sale where prices start from £10!

As Rebecca Black would say, ‘it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!’. Enjoy your weekend folks! And don’t forget to shop www.jewelheritage.com


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Hello everyone!

Finally the sample sale is here, we only have one design that was meant to be released with the skull collection we did, however we decided against doing so and here we are having our first sample sale. There are only about 20 rings so be fast. It is one size, a UKM which is between a small and a medium. It is a brass finish, our logo is on the inside of the ring so you know it is a genuine Jewel Heritage ring! Pricing includes standard first class postage but we will offer a recorded/faster service if need be. £13 shipped to the UK and £15 International. No refunds or exchanges as it is a sample sale. Any further questions please feel to email us at info@jewelheritage.com

Sample sale ring

Sample sale ring