A special Facebook auction for charity

We have a super special oxidised silver (we left it in a sulphur mixture for 3 days and has a heavily textured feel to it) ring in a US7 to auction off on our Facebook fan page. The auction will go live on Sunday 5th August and will last till Wednesday 8th August. In order to ‘bid’ on the ring, all you have to do comment on the picture of the price you are willing to pay for the ring. All monies raised will go to our chosen charity www.rawa.org as will all sales from our website for the month of August. Good luck everyone !

2 Responses to “A special Facebook auction for charity”

  1. Debra P Says:

    Thought you should know a salon in England is using
    Your name The Jewel Heritage they are based
    At 134 Hertford Road Enfield London EN3 5AX
    Promoting hair tattoos and piercings there web site
    Is currently under construction it’s a shame your precious
    Jewelry is about to loose its identity. Regards
    A Fan x

  2. jewelheritage Says:

    Oh that is a shame, we will pop along and have a look. Our name is registered so we shouldn’t have too many problems. Thank you for letting us know and we will ensure we do NOT lose our identity! 🙂

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