Story behind the new collection

Posted in Uncategorized on March 17th, 2012 by jewelheritage

I’ve decided to give an insight behind the latest collection, ‘Don’t bite the Apple Eve’. The title itself is from a lyric by none other than Jay Z, in a verse where he (after he says don’t bite the apple Eve) describes the, almost decline of women in society and in a way, blames Eve for their fall from grace. The lyric and imagery must have sub-consciously collided and thus the new collection title was born. This was after I decided that I would go down this quite sensitive route of almost ‘religious’ imagery.

Temptation in Eden Lucas Cranach's Adam and Eve

We all know the story and the strong symbology of the snake, the tree, the leaf, the forbidden fruit. It was just too good of an opportunity for us not to take to interpret this story into wonderful wearable art. One thing we did decide for this collection was to show people we can do small and dainty but still keep our signature Jewel Heritage style. The stacking ring was a perfect way to showcase this and to tell the story of Adam and Eve. We deliberately chose a non-traditional leaf, when it came to designing the ‘Cover me quick’ ring. Several reasons spring to mind but the main one was the fig leaf is not a very attractive leaf and the forbidden tree suggests that it maybe a fig tree which according to most scholars in religion, is a tree that bears fruit not on Earth.

Garden of Eden stacking ring

We don’t want to go too deep with this collection, we just wanted to see if we could achieve something beautiful using a rich tale full of beautiful imagery. What do you guys think?