Trust in Fashion

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Trust in Fashion

We were very honoured to be asked to participate in the ‘Trust in Fashion’ fundraiser. The event is part of the ‘Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity’ that helps families with sick children. Hosted by Sadie Frost and Trish Halpin (the editor of Marie Claire) and held over two days, the 29th and 30th June, at One Mayfair it will surely be a glamorous affair with donations from the like of Mulberry,Chanel, Alexander McQueen and of course ourselves! This is an event we are very proud to be asked to be a part of. For more information please visit for more information on the organisation and to buy tickets to the event.

Taking care of your jewellery

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I thought it very important after my previous blog on our plating process seen here to follow up with how to care for your jewellery. We currently use gold and rhodium plating as well as a standard polished brass. (Please read plating post to see what we plate upto etc)


Brass is a non-precious metal that is used by many jewellery designers. Brass will react with sweat and water which in some cases will leave dis-colouration on the ring and finger. What we suggest to keep brass looking shiny is Brasso. This can be found at any hardware store. Literally a pea sized drop on some cotton (pads/cloth) and go over the area to bring it back from a dull looking ring. To help protect the ring we suggest that you do not wear it whilst you are in contact with water. If you are planning to wash your hands, take it off. The same goes with anything that will have you in contact with water. I personally cannot wear brass as I suffer from rather moist palms. I tend to wear only gold plated items or sterling silver.

One of our brass items

Gold and Rhodium plated items

Plating is used on metals such as brass and sterling silver to give the appearance of  gold without the hefty price tag. Plating will eventually wear over time as it is a base metal coated in gold and rhodium but there is no reason why the plating cannot last you a few years if you take care of it. With gold and rhodium plated jewellery, you take the same precautions as you would with brass. Try not to let it come into contact with water, it will not discolour any part of your finger but it will add to the wearing away of the plating. As well as keeping it away from water as much as you can. If you wear perfume do not spray it near any gold plated items (necklaces/bracelets/rings) as this will add to the jewellery becoming tarnished at a faster rate. If you use hand lotion or body lotion always let it soak into your hands/body properly before putting on any plated jewellery. If you find that your jewellery has become dirty of a bit dull we recommend using a lightly damped cotton cloth and to go over the ring in as few strokes as possible. We have found this to remove marks quite efficiently. You can also use a very, very small amount of detergent (fairy liquid or whichever floats your boat) to the dampened cloth and use long sweeping strokes very lightly. You do not want to rub too hard as this may have an effect on the plating. You should either let the ring dry naturally or use a hair dryer. If you take these precautions the plating will last you longer and will look like new with each wear. We also provide velvet pouches, so please ensure you keep your items in there as this will also help. Jewel Heritage will always state the finish weather it be in brass or gold/rhodium plating in every item description. If you need any further advice please feel free to email us through the contacts section of the site.

One of our plated items

How our sizing works

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I was going to entitle this post using snippets of Beyonces’ ‘Single Ladies’ (“if you like…put a ring on it… but what size?” you get the picture albeit it a lopsided lame one) but we didn’t and went for something sensible.

A Ringsizer

So here is how our size guideline works. We work in US sizing even though we are a British brand. We do this for several reasons, one being that US sizing is pretty much an even average with regards to how a small, medium etc should fit. Many high street retailers do the same with their ring sizes, their XS/S/M/L are roughly a US5/6/7/8. Another reason being is that we started the brand using US sizes as our main market was actually North America as well as this, we found that people reacted well to the sizing in the UK and felt comfortable purchasing a small without knowing the UK equivalent. This brings me along nicely to the UK equivalent of our sizes.

The UK sizing is done in letters rather than numbers, below is a rough estimate of what our sizing is in UK terms:

Womens sizing

US 5 – Extra Small – roughly (a tad bit bigger than a) UK J

US 6 – Small – roughly (a tad bit bigger than a) UK L

US 7 – Medium – roughly (a tad bit bigger than a) UK N

US 8 – Large – roughly (a tad bit bigger than a) UK P

We say roughly as for each size above it is just a fraction bigger than the UK equivalent (letter).

For Men:

US 9 – Small -roughly UK R

US 10 – Medium – roughly UK T

US 11 – Large – roughly UK V

To find out your exact sizing you can head to any High Street or local jewellers who will do this service for free. What we would like our customers and potential customers to bear in mind is that when we design our rings, we do it so that it looks just as good on one finger as it will on another. With us there is no right or wrong way of wearing any of our pieces. If you need any further advice please contact us at . I hope this post was of some use to you all.

Problems checking out

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We seem to have a coding problem with some accounts when checking out. Through trial and error we have realised that if you sign in first and then add the products to your cart you will have no problems. If you do get the below message please remove the item from your basket and sign out of you account. Sign in again and then add the item to your basket and checkout should run smoothly. If not please email us as

We are trying to work on fixing this problem. Thank you for your patience.